Key Personnel

Brian Harper

Harper 1

“I grew up in Flagstaff Arizona, where I would skate every summer and snowboard every winter. I was fortunate enough to become a pro snowboarder and travel all around the world, along with skateboarding on a regular basis. I realized this lifestyle was not going to last forever and I started working toward a career inside the industry. I went from owning a chain of retail skateboard shops in Arizona (AZP), to being a camp Director at two different summer skateboarding camps, to helping start one of the most recognized skatepark design firms in the country (Site Design Group). All the while I was building different skate projects along the way.

During this time I would work with John Tyson (JT) at his then company (VPI) building and designing all the X Games courses.
In 2007, JT and I joined forces with Joe Ciaglia from California Skateparks and created CA RampWorks. As Director, I have overseen all aspects of our projects, designs, marketing, and new business development. Some of the most memorable projects I have been apart of: building Danny Way’s ramp over the Great Wall of China and traveling the world for 5 months straight designing and building the Global X Games courses.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found a career in skateboarding. I look forward to every new project and opportunity.”


John Tyson (JT)


“While growing up, my father was in the construction business. Naturally, I was interested and he let me participate on jobs and I realized my passion for construction at a young age. In junior high, I started building skate ramps and obstacles and by the early ’90s, I sought out anyone who was building ramps and showed up tools in hand ready to help. In ’92, I was fortunate enough to build ramps for a few production companies. These skate shows and demos sent me around the world and furthered my reputation as a professional ramp builder. When big skate contests were hot, I always found a spot on a crew to hone my skills. In 1998, I started my own company called VPI and through that designed and built the X Games courses for ESPN.

While building an actions sports camp in Temecula, California, I met Brian Harper, who opened up some new doors and introduced me to some new clients. Brian and I teamed up on projects and created the unthinkable. By then, Danny Way was in the picture and he envisioned never-before-built, insane, off-the-chart monstrous ramps. No problem! That was a challenge I was eager to take on and turned his dreams into reality.

In 2007, VPI merged with Brian Harper and Joe Ciaglia to take all of our ambitions to the next level. I’ve worked for clients like Disney, ESPN, Dew Tour, Red Bull, Monster, All Wheel Sports, DC, Nike, Gatorade, Tough Mudder, Americas Got Talent, and Camp Woodward, and that’s just naming a few. I have been very fortunate have the ability to travel the world, meet great people, and really live my dream. It’s the best feeling having the ability to turn people’s ideas and dreams into reality!”


Jeff Jewett


“I built my first jump ramp in the summer of 1984 and realized I loved building ramps as much as I did skating them. I got my first break building ramps professionally when Brian Harper took me up to Windell’s Camp to build the camp’s first skatepark. Since that time I have been lucky enough to work at/with some of the best companies in the industry including, Smith Optics, Savier/Nike, Globe, KTR, KR3W and Supra. Working with these brands and as an independent contractor I have had about every industry job you can imagine including; team manager, sales rep, camp director, events director, director of marketing and more.

No matter what job I was doing it always seemed like a big part of it always came back to building skateparks and doing events of some kind. In 2013 Harper and I finally started the company we had been building towards since Windells in 1991. CA Productions is the manifestation of all of our ramp building, event management, and industry experience combined and implemented as the world leader in Action Sports event production and athlete management.”


Sara Kindig


“As a San Diego County native I feel very lucky to find myself back in North County working for CA RampWorks. I grew up in Ramona, CA and then spent four fabulous years in San Luis Obispo where I earned my bachelors degree from Cal Poly in Psychology. Needing a career path more suited for me I found a graduate program at the University of San Francisco for Sport Management. I completed my Master’s degree, including a Master’s project on Sponsorship in Televised Sporting Events, and have been working in the sports industry, primarily action sports, ever since. My experience comes from years of event management in a variety of sports, events, and companies. I feel so lucky to have worked and traveled all over the world for companies such as CBS, AEG, Red Bull, ESPN, Dew Tour, ASA and now CA RampWorks.”


Kyle Daley

XGBD26 (1)Kyle has been with CA RampWorks for over six years. He is from Brea, California and now resides in Placentia, California. All through his life he has been an avid skateboarder, long boarder, snowboarder, and overall very interested in action sports. He has always loved construction and always wanted to do anything he could to figure out how something goes together. He came on as an eager worker with the ambition to learn construction skills. Throughout the years he has taken it upon himself to learn every angle of the skate ramp business. Kyle is one of our lead foreman and project managers. He has had the opportunity to travel all over the world constructing skateparks. He is a very valuable team member to CRW.


Kyle Pretka

11223557_10154212298418356_3141079051097722814_o“I was born and raised in Oxford, Connecticut, a small cow town in the valley with not much to skate. Nonetheless, I grew up skating there and met a bunch of rad people because of it. I went to school for Landscape Architecture at the University of Connecticut, and it is here when I first realized I could potentially combine my passion for skateboarding with my education by designing skateparks. During my summers off I would travel around the states with the Be Easy Skateboard crew, filming for “Grime Life” and the up and coming “Be Easy Video”, which are full length skateboard street films. I moved out to California a few months after I graduated from school to pursue a career in the action sport industry and that is when I found California RampWorks.


International Division


Marc Baker


Marc came across CRW during the first year of the Maloof Money cup. Marc was raised in Cape Town, South Africa where he grew up skateboarding and surfing. His love of surfing has taken him all over the world, surfing some of the most famous locations on the planet. Marc owns a building company in Cape Town called Metri-tech. He is the main source for skating structures in South Africa and has captured all the industries’ attention. In 2013, Marc spent five months on a road trip with CRW traveling all over the world. Marc handles all the logistical aspects in the South African region.










 Daniel Oristanio


CRW has had the opportunity to work with Daniel for the past ten years on a variety of projects in South America. Daniel has an education in construction management and drafting. He is the owner of Insane Skate Ramps, his own skate ramp business in Sao Paolo, Brazil where he is always honing his creative skills. His unique skill sets make him a great addition to the CRW crew. Daniel is our logistics coordinator for all our events in South America.


Simon Wood


Simon grew up in the United Kingdom, skateboarding his entire life. In the fall of 2012 Simon tracked down the CRW crew and landed himself a spot on the crew at the Barcelona X Games. Simon fit right in because of his great work ethic, construction background, and building skills.


Sergi Salles


Sergi has been skateboarding for over 16 years since he was 12 years old. He grew up skateboarding in Barcelona. Sergi owns a company in Barcelona called Sbinjes Customs were he built his first half pipe at 14 years old. He is the main source for skating structures in Spain and has captured all the industries attention. He is the manager for CA Skateparks in Europe, developing and building high quality skateparks and managing international logistics.