John (JT) Tyson

Structural Design/ Event Logistics
John plays a key role in the Action Sports’ world and California RampWorks as one of the lead masterminds behind event creations and ramps structures.

John Tyson, also known as JT, grew up in San Diego, giving him exposure to an array of action sports. He has been passionately involved in the action sport industry for over 20 years. Beginning in the Early 90’s, when there were very few places to skate or ride, John took his building skills and abilities to erect and make possible, a majority of skating ramps and obstacles for the time; jumping at any chance he got to aide in a ramp build. Before long, JT had made a name for himself and his craftmanship; individuals, companies, and professional athletes began calling to have ramps and equipment built. By the time JT was 18, he was traveling the world, skill saw in tow.

JT has a true passion for building the unbelievable, and has always been the guy to execute a design and build. Included amongst his list of credits for ideas, designs, and creations is being a builder of ESPN’s X Games (since the beginning), and the mastermind behind Danny Ways Great Wall of China Jump. John shares a true passion for the energy and excitement people experience when the unbelievable becomes reality. JT prides himself and his team at CRW in the commitment-understanding-designing and creation of the most impressive action sports ramps and structures in the world.

In his spare time when John is not spending time with is family, John works and volunteers helping
the people of his community. He works part time as a Firefighter-Paramedic and has a Search
and Rescue K-9 which he works with the Lake County Sheriff department finding lost and stranded
people in the mountains and areas in his county. Just like California Ramp Works John has
become an asset to his community for all of his hard work, dedication, and charisma.

+ 24 years of experience Design and Building Action sport and entertainment equipment
+ 20 plus year as a business owner
+ Longest running contractor with ESPN X Games
+ Extensive knowledge as event and equipment logistics
+ Expert in structures and design
+ Consultant and building credentials include Disney, Pepsi, Olympics, Mt Dew, Coke, ESPN,
ASA, Knotts Barry Farm, Cedar Fair inc., Six Flags, Warner Bros, United Syndicate (Snoopy), Fox,
Playboy, Nitro Circus, Fantasy Factory, DC, Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Osiris, Etnies, and many
+ Technical rescue and Rigging specialist
+ CA Lic. General Contractor
+ Lift Truck and Heavy equipment Educator and Instructor
+ Nationally Lic. Paramedic
+ American Heart Educator and Instructor