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  • Project Scope: Design/Build
  • CA Ramp Works is the builder behind the BMX Big-Air Triple Jumps (now the MegaRamp ASA Triples); undergoing weeks of welding in the fabrication shop before the steel framed ramps are ready hit the road. ASA Entertainment’s BMX Big-Air Triples event got its start in 2007 at the Phoenix stop of the Action Sports World Tour. A packed Arena witnessed top BMX riders like Anthony Napolitan, Ryan Guettler, Steve McCann slug it out on the Triples course. The event was something new for the riders and the crowd. A hybrid between dirt jumps and park competition, BMX Big-Air Triples brought something different to the sport. “It was so new and so fun, I think we all had a good time. There wasn’t really any pressure”, said Enarson of the new format. This event was such a success for ASA that they are talking about a 15-stop tour in 2010! Don’t miss this event.

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