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  • Project Scope: Design
  • There are only a few chances to witness the MegaRamp in all its glory each year. In 2009, the 83 ft high ramp stood at X-Games 15, and at Oi Mega Rampa, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Only a handful of professional skaters in the industry are conditioned to ride the Mega Ramp; one of which includes, Sao Paulo's hometown hero, Bob Burnquist. As if the ramp could get anymore death defying, the 2009 contest, included the addition of MegaRail, which arches the already dicey, 50 and 70 ft gaps. Skaters that competed at Oi Mega Rampa 2009, included: Rob Lorifice, Adam Taylor, Bob Burnquist, Jake Brown, Pierre Luc-Gagnon, Andy McDonald, Pedro Barros, and Lincoln Ueda.

  • Site: http://www.megaramp.com.br/2009/html/aovivo/
  • Skatepark Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil