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  • Project Scope: Design/Build
  • CA Ramp Works and CA Skateparks are the exclusive builders of the 2010 Transworld Skate and Create. This year, it was a battle of the footwears, as the 4 companies: Adidas, Fallen, Etnies, and Lakai, compete in a skate and film-off. The teams have seven exclusive days to skate and create (paint, build, sculpt, etc.) on CA Ramp Works and Skateparks’ custom made pieces given to them. In the end, the teams vie to produce the best video. This morning CRW delivers 36 unique components, including: curved boxes, adjustable stair-sets, and handi-gaps… to name a few, while CA Skateparks unloads granite ledges and concrete features. Adidas was first up, kicking off the competition.

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  • Skatepark Location: TransWorld Skateboarding HQ