X GAMES 16 LA 2010

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  • Project Scope: Design/Build
  • CA RampWorks is the designer and builder of the 2010 X Games 16 MegaRamp, Street, Park, and Vert courses! The MegaRamp, led by CA RampWorks' John Tyson, was erected in about 4 days this year at the LA Coliseum. This ramp is high in precision and obviously scale: standing at 95 ft with 50 and 70 ft gaps to 27ft quarterpipe! For CRW, efficiency is a main focus, ensuring professional design and high quality of craftsmanship all while engineering the structures to the strictest level of safety. Thursday kicked off the Big Air contest, with Bob Burnquist coming in first, Jake Brown in 2nd, Rob Lorifice in 3rd, and Adam Taylor in 4th.

  • Site: http://xgames.com
  • Skatepark Location: Coliseum- Dowtown L.A.