X GAMES 17 LA 2011

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  • Skatepark Size: 50,000 sq. feet
  • Project Scope: Design/Build
  • Big Air

    Each year, a handful of professional skateboarders and bmx riders push the limits of the Big Air event at X Games- an 83ft tall roll-in to 50ft and 70ft gaps, ending at a 27ft quarter-pipe. This year, Bob Burnquist took the Gold medal with a switch front-side 540 over the gap to a front-side 540 on the 27ft quarter-pipe. Mitichie Brusco, at only 14 years old, previously landed a 900 on MegaRamp at a July competition in Brazil, but was unable to pull it in a run during the Big Air competition.

    Street Course

    Called the "best street course ever built" by international skateboarding announcer, Dave Duncan, this year's X Games 17 Street course had everyone talking. Made to resemble a city street scene, Lead Designer, Dug Ketterman, focused not only on the flow of the course but also the overall theme. The goal of the designer was to bring out the style that is so innate to street skating: creativity, as well as, transform the course setting into a real scene. The CA RampWorks crew had smoke coming out of a manhole and chimney stack, a strip of store fronts, a center piece construction zone area, loading dock, roof gaps, wall-rides, ledges, rails... you name it. California Skateparks pulled the course together with their specialty concrete work.

    Park Course

    The X Games 17 Park course was almost half the size of the previous year. The goals was to bring out the riding style of today's park skater within a tighter park to allow more tricks and speed in the 45 second runs. The course was divided into two sections by the over verted curved, transparent archway. The Park course also featured a clam shell with pool coping and light, awning, and boomerang table top.

    Vert Ramp

    The X Games 17 Vert Ramp is California RampWorks portable regulation, competition vert ramp, which spands 60ft in width and stands 13'6" at the trannys and 20' tall at the roll-ins. This year, Shaun White surpassed the 5 time Gold medalist, PLG, on his last and final run by landing all his technical tricks in one 30 sec. run.

  • Site: http://espn.com/xgames