• Project Scope: Design/Build
  • Big Air

    California RampWorks designed and built the Big Air for X Games 2012, located outside of the Staples Center, LA Live and the Los Angeles Convention Center on Chick Hearn Ct. The Big Air featured a 65-foot gap and a 27-foot quarter pipe.


    The X Games Park Course for 2012 designed by Dug Ketterman incorporated plenty of foam for smooth, organic riding and transitions. The Park included a pool complete with tiling and a quick drop-in that doubles as a gap.


    CA RampWorks designed and built the X Games 2012 Street Course in LA. This year’s Street Course is designed by Dug Ketterman with a school grounds theme, dubbed ‘Chick Hearn School’ for its location on Chick Hearn Court along Staples Center, Los Angeles Convention Center and LA Live. The design includes school lockers, hallway, vending machine, flagpole, bending brick wall, basketball half court, stair set and rails. Once California RampWorks built the course, artists James Haunt and Sean Enders were brought in to complete the elementary school feel.

  • Site: http://espn.go.com/action/xgames/summer/2012/index
  • Skatepark Location: Downtown Los Angeles