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Deconstructing Construction- X Games 16

There is approximately 20,000 square feet of concrete and skatelite skatepark from X Games 16, sitting on top of a parking garage roof right now… but, it does not exactly resemble a skatepark anymore.  Unfortunately it takes a lot of resources to keep an event skatepark up, but on the flipside, much of the courses… Reads more »

Ready to Shred X Games 16

CA RampWorks moved out, and the pros have moved in to start practicing on the Park and Street courses. Everyone seems stoked on the flow and endless lines of the skatepark.  The Street Course, takes more of an artistic look, and is definitely upping the ante for contest and street plaza designs.  Some of the… Reads more »

Live Streaming of X Games 16 Build

Thanks to ESPN, you can catch the build of X Games 16 right here live! The Park is finished and already being sessioned by the pros, so it is on to the Street Course.  Here’s a sneak peak of what is going on over here in downtown LA. Watch live streaming video from xgames at… Reads more »

X Games 16- Getting Closer!

2010 X Games is just around the corner July 29th-Aug 1st. But before the pros can come and shred, someone’s got to build their skatepark. This year’s Park and Street course design is no doubt going to be sic, and the build unquestionable. Here’s an update, from about 6 days in of building.

Watch footage from X Games 16 Build

It’s week one out here at X Games 16.. well for the CA RampWorks crew.  We have a great crew of skilled skatepark designers and builders this year, and things are moving quickly. California Skateparks is also out here today, getting ready to pour concrete for the hybrid Park course.   Here’s a video that shows… Reads more »

Building X Games 16, Wk 1

The RampWorks crew arrived Monday morning at the Staples Center to begin building  for the 16th annual X Games.   Ca RampWorks has 25 skilled and very hard workers out here from framers, welders, and climbers to contractors and designers.  The day starts at 5:30am when everyone departs from the hotel to arrive on site at… Reads more »

X Games 16, Behind the Design

X Games 16 is just around the corn, July 29th-Aug 1, and building has already begun.  This year”s Park, Street Course, and of course the MegaRamp is designed and built by CA RampWorks and CA Skateparks. The Park (SuperPark in previous years) is a balanced mix for both skate and BMX events this year.  With… Reads more »