Transworld’s SNAP THE GAP contest and build

IMG_7454 (1)The flat gap has long been a staple spot for skateboarders looking for a challenge in the streets.  When Transworld Skateboarding asked us to build a street gap replica for their “Snap The Gap” contest at Agenda Tradeshow, we were stoked to do it up right.  Check out the write up from Transworld Skateboarding and their video below that.

Text by TWS

Our Snap The Gap presented by SUPRA contest went down yesterday in front of the Agenda tradeshow in Long Beach. CA Rampworks built us an epic street gap replica for this best trick/long ollie throwdown. We had $2500 in cash to give out and the mayhem kicked off as soon as we opened the gates. First up was a session across an 8-foot street gap. Honorable mentions include Dashawn Jordan with a bigger flip and a backside flip, Corey Glick with a nollie pop shove-it and a nollie inward heelflip, Carlos Iqui with a switch backside flip and a switch bigspin flip, Tony Karr with a kickflip grab, frontside late shove-it, double kickflip, and switch frontside 360, Brad Cromer with a switch frontside bigspin, JP Souza with a switch frontside heelflip, Sinner with a switch heelflip manual, Dorian Gray with a gap to lipslide and a Caballerial, Matt Gottwig with a gap to backside tailslide on the curb, Shaun Ross with a boneless, Lizard King with a kickflip hang-up, Aramis Hudson with a switch varial heelflip, and Blake Johnson with a backside late shove-it and an ollie impossible. Much more went down.

Then it was time to widen the gap for the long ollie contest. We went to 12 feet which was no problem for most, then we took it to 14 feet. Dudes were dropping out at this point but Dane Vaughn started going for an unprecedented kickflip over this massive gap! Brian Schaefer offered up a crisp 100 dollar bill if Dane could do it and after a few slams, he nailed one clean and the place went nuts!

We knew we had to go longer. 15 feet was cleared by an unknown named Gustavo, Dashawn Jordan, and Quel Haddox. So we went to 16-feet, the same distance as Jeremy Wray’s water tower ollie! Quel Haddox was the first across! Matt Gottwig stuck a couple ollies but couldn’t ride away. Dashawn Jordan was getting across but wasn’t rolling away either. Dashawn was the last man standing trying to clear this insanely huge chasm. Schaefer offered up another hundred, and after a few more kick-aways—Dashawn made the 16-footer as well! At that point it was a wrap and we gave out bonus 100 dollar bills to our top 5:

1. Dane Vaughn Frontside flip, kickflip nose manual, switch backside heelflip, switch inward heelflip, nollie 360 flip, kickflip manual 180 out, 14-foot kickflip. All in all Dane walked with over $300!
2. TJ Rogers Switch bigspin, switch frontside 360, nollie backside heelflip, nollie heelflip.
3. Nick Merlino Switch kickflip, nollie kickflip.
4. Blake Carpenter Switch 360 flip first try.
5. Mason Silva Backside 360 ollie and later tweaked his ankle.

Long ollie: 16 feet, tie between Quel Haddox and Dashawn Jordan.

Thanks to our sponsors for making it possible: SUPRA, Active Rideshop, Mitchell & Ness, and IVI Vision. See you all at the next trade show for another fun contest! Check the photos.





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